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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” John F. Kennedy
“Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.”
Charles Swindoll
"In my dealings with ESSN International, I found them to be professional and knowledgeable in what the company has to offer as well as good after sales service."
Ms Tan Sin Yen
Training & Development
DBS Bank Ltd
“Your workshop was one of the better workshops I have attended in a long time. It was a good refresher for me, and full of material and learnings that can be shared with my colleagues in Vietnam. “
Kenn Ramos
Country Manager
SC Johnson
Professional Development
Dynamics of Motivation™
  'We cannot motivate others' – from this view of motivation, we can see that the decision to act relates to our own internal needs, perceptions and drives. We can only motivate ourself. Others can provide suggestions, directives or advice. However the choice of what and how – or even when and why we behave is internal. "Motivation is the fire within". Others, like incentives, are external. While they may serve as "fuel for the fire", we still control whether we allow it to "fire us up".

Are all people motivated similarly? The answer clearly is 'No'. People are diverse. Diverse in age, gender, personality and in ethnicity. In addition, their socio-economic status differs. What motivates a young, male, single, new employee, who lives at home with his parents, will be different from a mid-career married with female, with a home mortgage and children.

We each have the social needs for achievement, affiliation or power but they differ in their intensity for each personality type.
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