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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” John F. Kennedy
“Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.”
Charles Swindoll
"In my dealings with ESSN International, I found them to be professional and knowledgeable in what the company has to offer as well as good after sales service."
Ms Tan Sin Yen
Training & Development
DBS Bank Ltd
“Your workshop was one of the better workshops I have attended in a long time. It was a good refresher for me, and full of material and learnings that can be shared with my colleagues in Vietnam. “
Kenn Ramos
Country Manager
SC Johnson
Project Management
Advanced Project Management: Risk & Purchasing Management©
  Procurement is the process by which an organization secures the necessary raw materials, goods and services that it requires to carry out its projects. Gaining an understanding of the role of procurement in the accomplishment of strategic objectives will enable will enhance the effectiveness of an organization's operations.

Project management is all about managing opportunities: the seizing of opportunities and the minimization of threats, in order to achieve optimum results. Too often, risk management is viewed as a reactive process, or worse, not even considered! In this workshop, you will work through a proactive approach to both threats and opportunities, basing plans and actions on the understanding of both qualitative and quantitative approaches to risk management.

This workshop will examine both threats and opportunities to your projects from a top-down and a bottom-up perspective, using proven risk management processes. You'll learn how to evaluate and respond to risk at the project and task levels. This stimulating and informative workshop will also explore areas relating to procurement that include:

•  The role of procurement in achieving strategic goals.
•  The relationship between contract type, performance, and risk.
•  Why "lowest price" does not always equal "best value" to the organization.
•  How to protect the organization's interests during the performance of contracts.
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